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Optometric EHR wants #3

on October 2nd, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

At my round of golf after some CE a couple weeks ago, the topic of conversation drifted to what practice management software was everyone using. Of course, for years we have been inundated with PIM/EHR software ads in industry magazines and booths at conferences and conventions. I still haven’t seen an appreciable improvement in the EHR part of the package. Sure, the PIM helps me track the money, but the EHR still slows me done. It would be faster to draft a paper chart and then scan it under the patient’s name in the PIM.

The whole reason to utilize a database for EHR would be to track numbers over time. For example, OfficeMate has this feature in the fields of IOP and C/D ratio. BUT THE WHOLE CHART SHOULD BE THIS WAY! And it would be great to have the functionality to analyze binocular testing data according to OEP, graphical, and normative analysis.

Anyway, if your EMR is just basically storing text for you instead of inserting data into searchable/analyzable database fields, I think it’s faster to scan your paper copy and link it into the PIM instead. Plus it will save you money on buying a separate EMR module.

Here were EHR wants number one and two.

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  1. Justin says:

    My Vision Express, a PM and EMR, allowed me to use there software in demo mode. It has a great feature of allowing you to scan your current exam sheet and use a digital input device to write on it just like you do now. I believe it is tablet compatible. One drawback I see is you don’t get insurance codes automatically generated for you as with something like ExamWriter.