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PMS &EHR Shopping Woes

on September 1st, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog, Reviews

I’ve been demo’ing about every ECP PMS and EMR solution out there. Can anyone say “lousy user interface?” First of all, I think more of these software companies should be hiring graphic designers. Think Apple. Think pretty. Think cool.

I’ll name names. RLiSYS and eyecareconnect.com have the most boring looking GUI out there. It is so windows95. In this post iPod era we need styling. Sure it might take more beefy computers, but nowadays we have those available.

Second, a big pet peeve is having to demo a product with an online presentation. I can’t remember the next day half the stuff from the presentation (a.k.a. high pressure sales technique). I’d rather have a demo CD to play around with. Then if I like it and if the price is reasonable, let’s do an online presentation to answer more prepared questions. I’ve wasted too much time demo’ing online for some $16-18 THOUSAND dollar software apps that are only slightly better than the $5-10K apps.

Also, what’s the deal with the secret price? I had a vendor (myODPro if you must know) e-mail me a “Confidential Pricing Overview.” How lame is that?!!? Do they send me one quote and give the ECP down the street a better offer? If not, then why the secrecy?

Also, I swear it takes a full half hour just to document the exam. How can that increase my productivity? I need something faster. Maybe an EMR built specifically for tablet PC. Maybe an exam form that fits on one page. How come my paper exam fits on a single page, yet the EMR exam is separated by 4-5 tabs that I’ve got to click through? How come if I print out an EMR exam, it takes 3 pages? All forms that the software prints should be completely customizable by the user (sort of like how you can do with an MS Access database form). That way I can arrange in my preferred format the exam contents and save paper by putting it all on 1-2 pages max.

Also, how come it has to be MS Word? Why not be compatible with openoffice.org or even WordPerfect. Dell has been selling the less expensive WP a lot, and OOo is free. (Something I like after having to spend $10K+ on PMS/EMR.)

Any help?

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