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EHR wants #2

on July 5th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Things I want included in an EMR

  • auto export of data into EMR from the ophthalmic equipment (cameras, HVF, autoAR, etc)
  • auto frame and CL ordering, even from my practice website
  • auto ins. billing
  • easy scanning of letters/paper records for pt
  • allow dictation
  • allow import of multiple file formats(audio, video, pictures, word/WP docs, spreadsheets, etc)
  • allow option of pt directly imputing stuff on pt questionnaire, compatible with pen tablet
  • allow integration of pen-tablet for pt and doctor signatures
  • allow website integration for pt info and ordering materials
  • for each diagnosis code, print/e-mail patient education information
  • for each medication print/email pt instructions and drug info
  • for each procedure print/email pt directions and warnings

Things I want in PMS:

  • auto recall- print letters cued up each day for pts from last year
  • auto template for letters to other doctors relating exam data
  • reports and graphs for everything- financials, demographics, charges per patient, etc.

For many of these things to happen, there should probably be some sort of work group where everyone agrees on the format for data exportation from our ophthalmic equipment. Any manufacturer who doesn’t play well with data exportation should be boycotted. Currently, many EHR vendors only work with certain companies. I think that’s ridiculous. I don’t want to be limited to only a single brand of equipment in my office.


4 Responses to “EHR wants #2”

  1. David says:

    I also want the ophthalmic equipment companies to enable downloadable info into their instruments. Example, why should I spend forever entering in Rx, name, DOB, etc into the Humphrey Visual Field? The EHR and the HVF should communicate with each other.

  2. Nitin Rai says:

    I just wanted to respond to your issues regarding equipment integration. There are standard for imaging equipment (DICOM). There are already vendor committees and work groups out there working on standards for EMR interfacing. Canon, Zeiss, Topcon are already part of that committee. No need to form another group for this effort. MaximEyes has already integrated with Zeiss Humphrey visual fields in a prototype that was shown at the AOA Meeting in Dallas in June. We expect this interface to available in the next few months. Almost every imaging vendor allows exporting of their data in a jpeg format. Some imaging vendors are developing software that allows import export thru a programatic interface (Zeiss). It will be very hard to standardize on the programmatic interface as that is entirely dependant on the equipment in question. But at worst you can export an image from an imaging system and link into Maximeyes (jpeg).

    Wrto the 800X600 limitation in maximEyes, that is not really a limitation. You can run the demo at higher resolutions as well..

    Nitin Rai
    CEO, First Insight

  3. David says:

    Sweet! This is what the ClueTrain is all about. First Insight (Maximeyes) appears to already be on board. I am so glad to find out about this stuff. My hope is that in the future, every ophthalmic equipment company will be part of the work group.
    Sorry I missed the AOA convention. I was going to go and blog the whole thing, but I’m saving my money for Academy this year.

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