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Is There a Negative Campaign Against Biofinity?

on September 27th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

[Edit: For some reason, this is the most popular page on my site thanks to people searching the internet for mentions of Biofinity. Please be sure to read my other article entitled There is No Biofinity Conspiracy.]
Also, be sure to read my Full Review of the Biofinity Lens!

I posted an entry on my practice website about the Biofinity lens. Within less than 2 hours, I got the following comment in the comment moderation cue:

Author : John Bird (IP: ***.**.**.** , [URL removed to protect the innocent])
E-mail : jbird@aol.com
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=***.**.**.**
I have tried Biofinity and quickly went back to Oasys. Oasys is a more comfortable lens, and it doesn’t have the problems with protein build up that Biofinity does.

Before approving the comment, I sent the following e-mail to “John Bird”:

Mr. Bird,
I’m skeptical of your comment. Tell me who you are, how you know the
phrase “protein build up” and how you happened upon my article shortly
after it was posted, and then I’ll think about approving it for my
patients to see.

Then I recieved word from AOL that the message couldn’t be delivered:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:

So, someone made up a fake name and e-mail address and tried to push people away from Biofinity to Acuvue Oasys. The IP address links the poster to a company named ************, a “***** ******* *** ****** ******* firm.” He could be just a random employee of a big company in New York who happens to subscribe to content from the website of a small optometrist office in Utah.

Or…what do you think?

And is there any truth to Biofinity getting deposit build up? From what I’ve read the Aquaform material is supposed to resist deposits.

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39 Responses to “Is There a Negative Campaign Against Biofinity?”

  1. John Bird says:

    Hi Doc – I posted the comment about protein buildup on Biofinity. A couple comments. Yes, I did try the lens. I didn’t come up with the protein build up problem myself, but I was told about this by my optometrist (upstate NY doctor who is historically a big user of CooperVision products and who trialed the Biofinity early). With her advice I ended up using Oasys. I don’t think protein build up on Biofinity was any devastating problem, wasn’t meaning to suggest that, but she evaluated them compared with O2 Optix and PureVision, and found it to be a point of let’s say moderate concern relative to those lenses. So after trying some samples of Biofinity (they felt fine to me), I ended up purchasing Oasys.

    As for your suggestions that I somehow have devious motives in posting this (sorry but that makes me chuckle), because I didn’t use my real email address, well that just makes me chuckle. I never provide my real email when posting anonymously on the internet – my employer would not appreciate it to say the least. To that point – I am currently temping at the firm you referenced in your post – and I’d kindly request that you remove that reference to the name of my employer. I don’t think that’s appropriate at all to put on the internet for all to see, and if you don’t agree well then you are just discouraging anyone from posting on your blog. When I am reading a blog of interest, and contributing by posting some helpful and relevant information, the last thing I would expect is for the blog owner to look into my IP address and then post that information publicly! Good lord, that is kind of frightening, really.

    Anyway, best of luck with your practice and your blog.

  2. Okay “John”, I’ll remove the reference to your company, but I’m still not going to publish your comment on my practice website. So there.

    You must have really hated Biofinity to go around to an individual eye doctor office website and post negative comments about it. I think you should just start your own blog with the URL ihatebiofinityandsoshouldeveryoneelse.com

  3. […] there is no corporate sponsored campaign against the Biofinity contact lens (see my earlier post conjecturing that there could be). My mistake. I removed the name of the business “John” works at […]

  4. Hi,

    Just a note to assure you that it is easy for “… just a random employee of a big company in New York…” – or anybody else (like me 😆 ) – to stumble upon your blog while searching the net. I just had my eye exam yesterday & the doc told me about Acuview Advance contacts. Wondering what other brands were available, I researched silicone hydrogel contacts. I found a helpful website ( http://www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/silicone-hydrogel.htm ). There I found that Biofinity was a similar contact lens. Upon searching Goodsearch for Biofinity, I found a link entitled “optoblog.com ” Blog Archive ” Is There a Negative Campaign Against Biofinity?”. Intrigued, I clicked on that link first, thus landing me here.

    I’d be interested in your comments comparing these two brands, as I’ll be ordering soon & would like to know if there are advantages and/or disadvantages to either, or are they essentially the same product?

    Andrea M

  5. optoblog.com is easy to find because I have lots of content and it’s been around for a long time. The whole episode started when someone tried to comment on my practice website, which is little known.

    Anyway, Acuvue Advance vs. Coopervision Biofinity…hmm…I’ve got my biases, but my standard answer is get the contact lens that meets your needs. Different needs include wearing time, comfort, cost, health/breathability, and replacement modality (AVA is a 2-week lens and Biofinity is a one month lens).

    So, in short, I refuse to answer your question. I’m going to defer this question to your own optometrist. 🙂

  6. Andrea Marcolii says:

    Thanks, David.

    I like the idea of the one month as opposed to the 2-week. I followed the link to your practice website, from there I went to the related article on Contact Lens Spectrum. Interesting – based on that article, I’m more interested than ever in the Biofinity lens. My doc gave me a sample pair of the Acuvue, which are quite comfortable, but she didn’t mention Biofinity. I think I’ll ask her if she offers trial pairs of that one as well.

    Thanks again for your input,

  7. Not every doctor has it yet. It’s being rolled out in waves, so only select doctors have samples and are able to sell it.

    I was told that sometime next year it will be generally available.

  8. Dan says:

    yeah i am wearing biofinity lenses too and man i tel you the more i write the more i canse ee deh protain buuldup!!!


  9. Maybe viewing what you write is not a vision problem. Maybe it’s a spelling problem and a case of bad punctuation. Also, don’t underestimate the value of curing your capitalization insufficiency.

  10. Kevin S. says:

    Hi Doc – I am currently trying out the Biofinity, and so far, I like them. Granted, it’s only been 4 days thus far. I live in Minneapolis, and these lenses has just become available to my eye doctor in the last 2 weeks. I am only the 3rd person in his office that is trialing them, and so far he hasn’t received any negative feedback. Previously, I have been wearing the Biometics 55, after switching from Acuvue Oasys, due to problems with build up, which has resulted in GPC. Since I’ve switched to the 55, I haven’t had any issues with recurrent GPC. I use Clear Care, which helps with the depositing, but don’t like the Bio 55 because they dry up and can get uncomfortable. The Oasys never gave me any problems with dryness. My question to you is, and I’m only asking you because my current eye doctor hasn’t had them long enough to get his own patients feedback, have any of your patients had any issues with build up on the Biofinity lenses? My concern, since this is a 1 month lense, is that I may have issues with build up, especially later in the wearing cycle. I know the Biometic 55 have some kind of coating that helps prevent build up, but in reading online, it sounds as though there isn’t any kind of coating on these lenses. So, as a person who has had issues with build up, do you think I would have issues with the Biofinity?
    Your feeback is greatly appreciately. Also, if you don’t want to publicly give me your feeback(as I see you declined previously to someone’s request), I would appreciate it if you could send me a response to my email address provided, since I feel my circumstances are somewhat unique in that my own optomitrist doesn’t have any feedback to provide to me. Thanks again for your time!

  11. I have only had one case of protein buildup out of about 15 fittings with the Biofinity lens. But what you should do is get your eye doctor to give you a sample of Biofinity and return to clinic about 3 weeks later to make sure you don’t have significant deposit issues.

    An individual’s propensity to develop protein deposits on a given lens is a complex subject since it varies according to lens material and the individual’s unknown propensity to react to any given lens.

    I could make a general statement that Biofinity or Proclear are deposit resistant, but that’s not 100% for all people. Try out a couple different kinds based on your doctor’s recommendation and your concern of protein deposits. If your eye doctor doesn’t let you have more than one type of trial lens, get a different doctor.

    By the way, I rarely see protein deposits unless the patient has been stretching their contact lenses for longer than the recommended replacement schedule.

  12. Pete in Wylie,TX says:

    I have had buildup with Oasys, O2Optix, Accuvue Advanced, the Bausch and Lomb “High Definition” lens, modt any Silicone Hydrogel lens. They are really comfortable, let in lots of O2, but get lots of goo after a few days. It gets REAL hot down here and you sweat a lot and that drips into your eyes and creates havoc with contacts as well. Then my dr. gave me a sample pair of Biofinity lenses. I wore them 2 weeks and 1 time had a little goo but a couple refresh drops and it went away!! The other lenses, I could take them out and rub them for 10 minutes and the goo would still be imbedded. These Biofinity lenses reject the goo!!!!!!!!

  13. Kimberly Parkey says:

    After a long battle with anterior uveitis, bioinfinity are the only contacts I have been able to wear. My conjunctivas are very damaged from chronic prednisone use. I stumbled across your blog looking for information on my new wonder contacts. Just some constructive criticism, I would really think about editing this blog. It is very unprofessional and sounds very juvenile to say the least. Throwing insults just doesn’t reflect well on the professional. I too know the term “protein build up” and even know what chemical compounds those proteins derive from. I use Clear Care to avoid this problem. To assume the general public does not know simple terms like this comes across as very egocentric and insulting. Good luck with your practice!

  14. You’ve been to the eye doctor more times than the average bear so of course you know the technical terms. I’ve had patients that didn’t know they were supposed to wash their hands before insertion/removal of contact lenses. Almost every week I get someone who is floored by the fact that they need reading glasses after about age 43. I know the public better than you think, and knowing eyecare terminology is the last thing on their to do list.

    I tenderly educate these patients in my offices; however, this website isn’t for patients, although anyone can read it. I write my posts for other eyecare providers (see the About link at the top of the page).

    So if you don’t like this blog, you don’t have to read it. Maybe you should go start your own blog called ihateoptoblogbecauseheissounprofessionalandjuvenile.com.

    Meanwhile, everybody, feel free to browse through all my cartoons:

  15. Kimberly Parkey says:

    Okay that was actually funny. I probably took the site in the wrong context. But when you said, “But I’m still not going to publish your comment on my practice website. So there”. I actually pictured you sticking your tongue out at the computer. Bottom line, Biofinity was a life saver for me and that was the main point of this post. The key was the finer edge and the hydrophilic material. Wearing glasses give me migranes, as does anytype of pressure from pony tail holders, headbands, and sunglasses (non-prescription) and at this point I’m not a candidate for lasik, due to the risk of inducing iritis. To anybody with eye irritation give Biofinity a try. I can wear Biofinity for about 12 hours. Every other contact I have tried a max of 3-4 hours before my eyes were running, irritated and red (including O2 optics). BTW, if I start a BLOG, it won’t be:
    There are a lot of more pressing issues in the world!
    Like: givedocsabreaktheirnotthatsociallyineptiguess

  16. I may or may not have brandished my tongue at the computer monitor. “I do not recall, senator.”

  17. Lindsay says:

    Hi guys,

    I do actually work for cooperivision, Biofinty is our very first sylcone hydrogel lense. I hear very many posititve feed backs about the lenses. I have ALWAYS been a glasses type of girl. but i was skeptical about trying lenses but i knew i would like the biofinty from the moment i put it on it felt so comfortable and they stay comfortable all through the day no matter what im doing. but i wont sit here and preach about our lenses. im sure o2opix and purevision are very good as well, but if your stuck in the middle of what type of lense you should get rather it be o2optx pure vision or biofinty i would get a trial pair from your doctor who knows you might actually like a lense u thought you mght have not. also if you want to check out info on the biofintys jump to coopervision.com . 😀 😉 😆

  18. Jodi says:

    I just bought some biofinity lenses and I like them so far. My eyes are very dry and it helps. My eye doctor also told me that it may help improve my vision in 4-6 months. He wants to check them again when that time comes. I’m hoping so. One of my eyes is -5.00 and the other is -6.00.

  19. Terri says:

    Hello Everyone! I’ve read your comments and find some very interesting opinions and appreciate them all. I’ve just received a trial pair of biofinity from my dr. in lieu of continuing to wear my O2Optix. I experienced a case SPK and while the doctor wouldn’t commit to saying it was the lens or solution I was using, he simply recommended another lens and solution. So I’ve only had my biofinitys for 2 days now and so far all seems fine, but I’m still not convinced these are the ones for me. I’ll give a week and see how it goes. I do have one question though – why are the biofinitys so much more costly? Is it because they’re a new product on the market? Like most things when they come out for the first time. Do you see these coming down in price after a while? I guess if they are comparable to O2Optix and Pure Vision (which I’m not familiar with), what’s the real selling factor here to spend double the money? All comments are welcome. Cheers!

  20. Maggie says:

    I didn’t start wearing contacts until my mid-20s and I had a horrible experience–I could barely wear them without having to constantly pour drops in them, and even then it was horrible. That was back in the ’90s. Eventually my dr. switched me to Proclear compatibles–I think they were new back then? Anyway, they were the only lenses I could tolerate, but even those were very uncomfortable.

    So, with my doctor’s approval–he is one of the top corneal surgeons in the DC area, so no quack–I got Lasik 4 years ago. He knew about my dry eyes but said it would be ok. Long story short–since then I have had REALLY dry eyes but it finally got better after maybe 3 years. But my vision only ever got to 20/40 so I recently relented and went back to contacts.

    The dr. recommended Biofinity and at first they were great–I couldn’t even feel them and hardly needed drops. But then they started feeling gritty and my vision became blurry. I researched it on the internet (thank god for the internet!!) and read that apparently it’s lipid deposits, rather than protein deposits, that are a downside of silicone hydrogel lenses. A bunch of people recommended Clear Care (I think that’s what it’s called?) so I got that and it does seem to help. BUT–and I don’t know if it’s psychological or what–but I find these lenses get progressively more uncomfortable as the month goes on and by the end of the month I’m trying to hold out those last few days before I break down and rip open a new pair.

    My question is do you think Oasys might be better with regard to the blurry-ness and dryness? My dr. said they were about the same as the biofinity, but I guess I just hold out hope that maybe they’d actually be better so I could wear contacts, because at this point I can barely wear the Biofinity.

    Thanks–and good blog!

    [You know, this blog really is geared for optometrists, but I’ll tell you this: I would ask your doctor if it’s possible to try out both and let you compare. You may consider trying out the Avaira since it’s the same material as the Biofinity but it’s a two week lens like the Oasys. If neither work, try proclear, try Acuvue2, try as many as you can stand. Dry Eye can be caused by many different things. Some people’s dryness is relieved with Fish Oil supplement pills, doxycycline pills, eyelid cleaning with Sterilid foam, lubrication eye drops, punctal plugs, Restasis eye drops or a combination of these. It really depends on the reason for your dryness, so the doctor can best work with you on solving the dryness issue. My experience is that contacts generally make dryness worse, so consider a work-up for dry eye therapy and not just comparing different contacts. -DJL]

  21. Bethany says:

    I have allergy issues – so I take a little bit of goo as a given with any contact lens I wear. I wore acuvue for about 2 years, and now I’ve switched to Biofinity. I actually had an acuvue in one eye and a biofinity in the other for an afternoon when I had my exam, and the biofinity was more comfortable.

    I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 14. I guess I’m just used to the idea that you take them out at the end of the day and clean them, and you’re going to occasionally have to put up with a little bit of seasonal issues like “goo”during the day. I’ve noticed, however, that since I switched rewetting solution to one called “Blink and Clean” the goo isn’t such an issue, and I’ve been a long time user of Aosept for cleaning.

  22. Angela says:

    I used Acuvue Oasys for a couple of years, and they were perfectly fine, although when I removed them at the end of the day, they would often be quite dried out. Then I got a corneal ulcer and had to have that treated by my optometrist. I was concerned that the type of contact I was using was causing my issues because, after my ulcer healed, I was still developing redness, swelling, and abrasions on my cornea. I asked my doctor if there was another contact brand that I could try, and he gave me some to try that were terribly uncomfortable. When I commented that I could still feel them in my eyes, he brought out the Biofinity lenses and gave them to me to try. I love them! They stay moist and are very comfortable. I was having problems wearing them for more than two weeks so another doctor suggested that I change my cleaning solution to Clear Care, because it is preservative free. That really helped me, as well as washing my eyes daily to keep the gunk from my allergies from clogging my tear ducts.

    I really feel Biofinity is a superior lens, at least for me. I would recommend them to anyone.

  23. AV Oasys is a good lens for most people.
    Sometimes one brand of lens fits/feels/sees better than others for an individual’s eye.
    Thanks for sharing about Biofinity.

  24. Sue Padgett says:

    My only comment is that Biofinity is extremely expensive after Actifresh400 lenses. I realise that they are supposed to be better for your eyes, especially with a +7.50 prescription, but I balked at the price, to be honest. Bought up 18 mth supply of Actifresh. Decided to look for cheaper price on the net but came across this blog and decided to have a look. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  25. Biofinity is, in fact, cheaper than your Actifresh400 (sounds like the name of a NASCAR race). I just did a quick search and found your favorite contact lens is 22 pounds whereas the Biofinity is only 17. (At least in the UK, I don’t know about New Zealand).

    I wouldn’t let price trump comfort, vision, and eye health. Sure, it’s a component to your decision, but it shouldn’t trump anything.

  26. Audrey says:

    Just wanted to commet on the Biofinity lenses that I have been wearing for about a year now. I work for 3 OD’s and 2 MD’s in a very busy practice. I am currently the Contact Lens Tech and recommend the Biofinity lenses to as many patient’s as I can. I love the lens and honestly never would want to try another. Before the Biofinity I wore Biomedics 55 and also tried the Proclear Dailies. I found the Biomedics 55 irritating and uncomfortable. The Proclear Dailies I for sure felt the edge of the lens which was just annoying. Just wanted to say that if I could I would fit as many of my patient’s as I can with the lens especially now since the have one for ASTIGMATISM patient’s now 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me voice my opinion!

  27. sari says:

    My eyes are very sensitive and Biofinity are the only lenses I can wear longer than 8 hours a day. But I have one problem with them sometimes my vision gets blurry and it doesn’t matter how long you wear them.

  28. Brad says:

    Above you state: “You may consider trying out the Avaira since it’s the same material as the Biofinity but it’s a two week lens like the Oasys.”

    I’m confused… if it’s the same material, what difference does it make what the recommended length of wear is? What determines how long the contacts are approved for wearing? (My cynical side says it’s a question of liability–the company charges more for the longer-wearing lenses to cover the legal expenses for the more frequent lawsuits).

  29. Lola says:

    Hi, I am wearing Biofinity contact lenses since two weeks I am really love them.
    I am using the toric ones. Before these, I was wearing softlens 66 with optifree solution. Can anyone tell me what solution feet better wiht biofinity toric?
    Thanks in advance. Kisses from Spain. WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSSSSSS!!!!!

  30. @Lola. According to the averages, Biofinity is compatible with any lens care system. (see http://www.staininggrid.com ); however, your eyes could be different, so ask your doctor.

  31. @Brad Lens material isn’t the only thing to consider when considering replacement schedule. Also one month lenses cost twice as much as two week lenses, so you end up paying the same price for a year supply regardless.
    I would be curious to find out what really goes on behind the scenes about exactly what factors determine replacement schedules for a particular lens, but I assume the manufacturers study the problem and have data to support their recommendations.
    I talked to a contact lens rep from Ciba, and he said they are working on a contact lens that can be worn continuously for one year. That would be something.

  32. Hi! Interesting discussion. I know this site isn’t for “patients” but I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I have GPC (or at least I did five years ago, not sure any more). I tried restasis drops, fish oil pills, daily disposables, rigid lenses and antihistamine type drops and steroid drops and nothing helped. I finally gave up. After five years I’m thinking I might try again- I’m going to go and talk to my doc and have him look for evidence of remaining GPC. In your opinion, would the Biofinity be the best general option for GPC? If not, what would you recommend? I called my doc and they don’t have trial pairs of these. I researched GPC years ago and then again today and think it’s funny how everyone thinks something different now. Before it was thought to be more of an allergy issue, and now it is thought to be more of a lens edge issue. Any advice would be very much appreciated! I want to try the best lenses possible so that I don’t stir up the problem again by trying many different pairs. I’m not sure my eye doc really knows that much about the lastest GPC advances- I will talk to him about it soon but would like to know your opinion! Also I’m not sure if I will be aware when you reply to this so if you want to email me that would be great!

  33. I’ll bet if haven’t worn contacts for 5 years that you don’t have GPC currently, but I’ll also bet that it could easily recur with the same kind of lens you were wearing five years ago.
    I would try Biofinity or any other type of lens that wasn’t around five years ago and see what happens.
    It’s my experience that it is a combination of allergy and mechanical interaction with your eyelid and the contact lens. Your doctor might recommend preemptively using Pataday (or similar like OTC Alaway) daily if there are any signs of allergy eyes (conjunctival injection, chemosis, and papilla).
    Also your doctor might recommend using certain contact lens care systems like ClearCare.
    Anyway, ask you doctor to get a trial pair of Biofinity ordered in if they don’t readily keep trials on hand. He might recommend other new types of contacts for you to try out. Take home several types and see what happens.

  34. Nate says:

    I wanted to leave a bit of feedback – as I’m looking for some additional data on the longevity and durability of Biofinity Lenses.
    I’ve been wearing biofinity torics for about a year now. i really like them, as I have a very “dry eye” and can normally only wear contacts for a max. 8 hours a day.
    I used to wear Preference Torics, and those were GREAT lenses – albeit expensive, and didn’t “breathe” as well as the biofinity’s. But they were extremely DURABLE and accurate!
    I don’t wear contacts every day, preferring to wear glasses mostly.
    Recently, I’ve noticed that I am ripping/tearing lenses indiscriminantly – and I DO NOT rub my contacts to clean them: I simply SOAK in a multi-solution disinfectant.
    Because I don’t wear my lenses everyday – I usually can extend their life expectancy up to 2 and 3 times the recommended duty cycle. Typically replacing my lenses only when protein build-up renders them too cloudy or uncomfortable. What can I say – I’m frugal!
    (i can just HEAR what the Doc is going to say about THAT one!) :-O

    As much as I WANT to like the Biofinity — I am becoming somewhat discouraged by the lack of durability I’m experiencing with these lenses.
    About a month ago, one of my lenses tore while IN MY EYE, and I literally lost a small piece of the lens in my eye! It took me more than a day to “fish it out”, and needless to say — I was a bit perturbed.
    Honestly — I just tore another fresh lens yesterday that wasn’t more than a month old, and keep in mind, that I probably wear my lenses once or twice per week at MOST.

    Perhaps my “bar” is set a little high after wearing the ultra-durable PREFERENCE lenses for so long (10 years), but I’m more than a little surprised at the lack of longevity that I’m experiencing with these lenses.

    I am LITERALLY going to have a conversation with my Dr., TODAY about this issue.

    Anybody ELSE having similar issues???


  35. Some people get tears and rips in their lenses all the time, no matter what brand. Here’s some helpful hints about avoiding those.

  36. H Wells says:

    I stopped wearing contact lenses 9 years ago for 2 reasons: Firstly, I got an eye infection which scared me away from continuing to wear them and secondly, my eyes were becoming so dry that an optician told me that it would be best to wait until technology had improved to the extent that a contact lens was invented that allowed much more oxygen to reach the eye. Now that silicone hydrogels are here and do just that, I thought I might try these. My optician has given me both acuvue oasys and biofinity to try as I have astigmatism in one eye. She recommended that I wear each brand on alternate days. I must say that I find the acuvue oasys slightly more comfortable and hygeinic in that it gets thrown away after 2 weeks. However, despite the fact that the left ”lens is supposed to correct my astigmatism, it doesn’t quite line up to the 6 o’clock position properly and vision in this eye is not as sharp as the other which is quite annoying. When I wear the biofinity lenses, the astigmatism lenses automatically aligns itself perfectly. However, after about 6 hours of wear, I can definitely feel I have them in and have to take them out. It’s decision time next week as to which lenses I go for – either perfect vision in both eyes or longevity of use???????

  37. Peiman says:


    Which type of contact lenses have better health/breathability? biofinity or Air optix? I would like to wear them like 15 hours a day and very occasionally longer.


  38. Claire says:

    I’ve worn Biofinity lenses for almost a year now and, for the most part, I’ve liked them. However, I’ve noticed that they don’t seem to really last a month for me but instead start to become irritating after about 2 1/2- 3 weeks of wear. This occurs with both eyes, but it happens more quickly with my left eye. The result of all this is that I’ve had to almost twice as many boxes as is advertised and have had to spend a few hundred dollars more. That’s irritating in itself. Does that mean there’s an issue with Biofinity- or with my eyes?