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They [show they care] with their check books.

on December 14th, 2017 | Filed under Optoblog

The drug companies report to CMS regarding how much they spend on each doctor for marketing, research, etc at the website openpaymentsdata.cms.gov, so feel free to search your own name. You can also search by the company making payments: (Alcon, J&J, Coopervision, Allergan, etc.
You can see my numbers here.

2015 Me: 59.27 Mean OD: 735.78 Median OD: 135.78
Mean physician: 3271.25 Median physician: 160.38
2014 Me: 36.81 Mean OD: 637.37 Median OD: 127.46
Mean physician: 3382.39 Median physician: 168.37
2013 Me: 86.06 Mean OD: 429.08 Median OD: 94.72
Mean physician: 1583.47 Median physician: 111.25

What I notice immediately is that the mean and median numbers are WAY different, so there must be a few doctors out there making TONS of cash from the pharmas and medical manufacturers.

Also…why are MY numbers so low??? What’s up with that!? I guess I don’t get invited to as many free lunches as the mean and median optometrist.

From what I can tell by searching eye doctors that I know, Alcon had a huge marketing push in 2015. And also Alcon beats J&J and Coopervision in the free lunch dept.

Also note how the median optometrist is just a big ball-o’-nothin’ compared to the mean other doctors.

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