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Utah HB408 Swept Away for 2012

on February 22nd, 2012 | Filed under Optoblog

The UOA used a little 409 on HB408.

The UOA used a little 409 on HB408.

The Utah Optometric Association reported in an e-mail to its members on Friday Feb. 17, 2012 that the UOA’s lobbyist has word from Rep. Hughes that he will not run HB408.

Of course, they state that they have no guarantee someone won’t try to run it in a future year, so they suggest donating to the UOA-PAC.

As of today, the official Utah.gov site for HB408 doesn’t have any status updates since Feb. 4, 2012, but if lobbyists and politicians are to be believed, we can give a little sigh of relief.

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