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It’s a Scary World

on May 3rd, 2011 | Filed under Comics, Optoblog

optoblog-comic-025-Scared-of-Events - Doctor, why are you sitting in the dark, holding a blankie, and sucking your thumb? Because I've been listening to Glenn Beck, and I'm scared of world events.  I don't know if America will recover from too many years of faithlessness.

optoblog comic #25 Scared of Events

Well, I know people have been secretly clamoring for more optoblog.com comics, so…you’re welcome!

Those of you who have been watching news only from the networks probably have no idea why current events are so scary. Those of us not simply listening to press releases straight from the White House and its Czars have learned scary things about hyperinflation, monetizing the debt, Cloward and Piven, communist infiltration in the government of a free republic, radical Muslim’s Caliphate, ATF’s Project Gunwalker, George Soros, the Nanny State, Cass Sunstein, back door gun control, Tax and Spend, the lie of Climate Change, Going Green = going broke, and ad infinitum stuff all designed to take away the God-given rights and liberties of Americans.

America, I am sure that the only way we are going to recover from this great big hole we’ve sleep-walked ourselves into is by returning to God. All of us need to repent and increase our Faith, Hope, and Charity. Only then will we be prepared to receive and accept his will regarding what our actions should be. Only then will He prosper our nation again.

Our government was founded upon faith-based principles. Invite everyone you know to increase their Faith in God, Hope, and Charity so that we can restore our government to the founder’s vision and so that God will bless the United States of America.

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