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Submit Davis Vision Claims Through Apex EDI Clearinghouse

on November 4th, 2010 | Filed under Optoblog

The clearinghouse I use, Apex EDI, now has the ability to submit Davis Vision claims.

My biggest question is, “Why?”

You have to visit the Davis Vision website to verify the benefits and get an authorization. From there it’s just one or two clicks to enter and submit the easiest exam “claim form” I’ve seen. I think the Davis Vision’s website is the easiest of all vision plan websites to use and know exactly how much I’ll get paid.

Pretend you had a perfect world where every single vision plan you use had an agreement with your clearinghouse. Then you could always use your practice management software to upload all your claims to the clearinghouse. This would seem like an advantage. The fact is that you still need to go to some website or call on the telephone to get an authorization and find out benefits. Now stop pretending and realize you still have several vision plans not working nicely with your clearinghouse.

I just use LastPass to make it easy to log in with different insurance websites. It’s easy to submit claims on the insurance website after getting the authorization. I still have to keep track of my ledger with OfficeMate, but I just tell it not to make electronic claims with certain insurances.

Can someone explain any benefits for vision plans to team up with clearinghouses?

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