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No More Renu Sensitive Starter Kits

on October 26th, 2010 | Filed under Optoblog

picture of Renu Sensitve soft contact lens multipurpose solution

Renu Sensitve

I got a memo from Walmart Health & Wellness Ocular Wellness Team on 10-22-2010:

Effective October 21, 2010, Bausch and Lomb will halt the shipment of the Renu Sensitive care kit as they take a different approach to the Renu product in the market

An evaluation will be made in Q2 2011 and a decision will be made at that time as to it (sic) whether or not the shipments will resume.

When I got the Renu Sensitive starter kits a few months ago I was kind of wondering what the deal was. I mean, if I were a patient I’d be wondering, “Why does the same company offer three competing brands of contact lens multi-purpose solution: Renu Fresh (formerly MultiPlus), Renu Sensitive, and BioTrue?”

See also my entry about the ingredients of the common soft contact lens care systems.

I think the label “sensitive” is a complete marketing gimmick. Someone has dryness or redness with their contacts, so instead of asking their eye doctor, their first impulse is to look in the contact lens solution isle and think, “Yah, my eyes are sensitive, so I’ll buy the product that says ‘sensitive’ on it.”

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