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2010 How Does Your Practice Compare?

on October 6th, 2010 | Filed under Optoblog

MBC-CE.com (for private practice optometrists) and OBA-CE.com (for Walmart/Sam’s Club optometrists) have released their 2010 versions of practice metrics/benchmarks.

I’m republishing the pdfs here in case you don’t have access to their sites.[edit: Apparently re-posting their pdfs is copyright infringement, so click on the links to be taken to their websites] (If not, I highly recommend you get a login because they both have really useful information.)

OBA’s 2010 practice metrics

MBA’s 2010 practice metrics

By the way, OBA-CE’s major sponsors are: Ciba, Alcon, Essilor, Topcon, and Transitions.
MBA-CE’s major sponsors are: Ciba, Essilor, American Optometric Society

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