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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

on May 30th, 2010 | Filed under Tweets

  • @GlennBeck Whoever chose the video of the day for 3-4-10 should be fired. http://bit.ly/aB0w8O #
  • @jabancroft Your awesome friends who…want you to de-pants in public…with your wife present? in reply to jabancroft #
  • @leolaporte Topic for TWIT should include Glenn Beck's new insider extreme. http://bit.ly/aDmUme in reply to leolaporte #
  • @ConanOBrien Still no Shows in SLC either. in reply to ConanOBrien #
  • I'm sick, but I have enough strength to send this message. Sleep is good.
    David Langford #
  • Now that Obamacare passed, Americans better start studying Argentina 2001. http://bit.ly/cQUVbT #
  • I couldn't agree more: http://bit.ly/bJlTnq #
  • Just got back from Repub. Caucus. for my precinct. Last time: 5 people. This time: over 70. #
  • Since I contributed a dollar to the Children's Miracle Network, I wore jeans to work today. It was awesome. #
  • I love Easter Sunday. Family, Food, and #ldsconf #
  • @BrianReganComic You must have been near Pocatello, ID in reply to BrianReganComic #
  • I won't be taking my laptop to Bentonville, so I'll Tweet from my phone. #WMHW2010 David Langford #
  • Eating mexican food at WM optical lab's multipurpose room in Fayetteville. #WMHW2010 #
  • The WM lab in Fayetteville is huge. I think they converted an old supercenter building. Over 10000 orders a day! #WMHW2010 #
  • I just spoke with Dr. MA #WMHW2010 #
  • I just met Dr. Mark Travis, former big wig at WM HQ and now a VP at 1800CONTACTS. He says anytime you want a tour in Draper, UT it can … #
  • Check out 1800CONACTS new drama commercial on YouTube. #WMHW2010 #
  • I think doctors and insurance/.gov needs an open, honest discusion re exam fee for ins. vs private pay. it does cost us more to bill in … #
  • Billing ins. Overhead is more than pvt pay but not double. we should be allowed to charge a little more to ins. #WMHW2010 #
  • Breakfast was a really long line, but I still got my waffle. Good thing about WM conf is tons of food. #WMHW2010 #
  • WM wants to be the leader in providing affordable healthcare to EVERY American. #WMHW2010 #
  • Save money. Live better. is not just a tag line. It's a summary of a Sam Walton quote and an obligation to our customers. #WMHW2010 #
  • 2500 vision centers in USA. 3700 pharmacies. 77 Clinics. 3 labs in USA, 2 in Mexico. #WMHW2010 #
  • Top V.C.s yearly gross 1.2 to 1.8 Meeelion dollars. #WMHW2010 #
  • IF we're supposed to get adv. Insruments and EMR, then we need a floor plan to accomodate it. #WMHW2010 #
  • Staff training in talent, spoptical skills needs to step up. not just sales training. #WMHW2010 #
  • 38 /58 /88 priced glasses are here to stay. There will be a back to school rollback for a daily contact brand. #WMHW2010 #
  • WM employee discount for associates in VCs is so competetive that it begs the question why is there even vision insurance? #WMHW2010 #
  • Of 77 clinics in WM, most are afilliated with a local hospital or healthcare system. My ? is does WM care if panel excludes ODs? #WMHW2010 #
  • Why aren't all VC managers opticians? Good question. We'll probably work towards that while still respecting those who aren't. #WMHW2010 #
  • This made me laugh: http://onion.com/ckprW7 via @TheOnion – Deranged Gunman Opens Fire On Shooting Range #

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