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AOA TV. Huh.

on March 11th, 2010 | Filed under Optoblog

UPDATE: A commenter that can be trusted explains below that the AOA doesn’t have to pay for the online video production of AOA TV. I apologize for having assumed that your dues were being wasted on TV production. I will have to research other areas of AOA spending waste.

So…your AOA dues are helping to pay for AOA TV. Wow. I’m sure that’s just what you needed.

I’m glad I haven’t been able to afford dues for a couple years. At least they aren’t wasting my money.

How do I get my AOA news? RSS.


2 Responses to “AOA TV. Huh.”

  1. mike says:


    Please look for a letter asking you to join the UOA and AOA soon.


  2. Bob Foster says:

    FYI-There’s no cost to the AOA for AOA-TV. The production company sells ads and keeps most of the revenue. Also, AOA News is accessible at no cost online at http://www.aoa.org, upper left of the page