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Answers to Your Search Questions Part 4

on January 12th, 2010 | Filed under Optoblog

In Answers to Your Search Questions Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I pithily answered the questions on your mind as indicated by the web search that brought you to my site.

Just to review, I know what IP address you have and the URL that was in your address bar just before coming to my website. A search URL contains the search term that you used. So let’s see what everyone is curios about!

  1. “how to become a millionaire optometrist” – Ha ha ha ha ha. Wow, that’s funny… Huh? Your serious? Well, I guess the only way I’ve heard of is starting your own consulting company and charging other suckers optometrists tens of thousands of dollars to blow smoke up their
  2. “get rich in optometry” – See above. Man, what is the deal with all these capitalist pigs thinking they can be a doctor AND be rich? Haven’t they drank the Obama juice yet?
  3. “contact lens comic” – Let me put in yet another plug for my fine body of work as a cartoonist.
  4. “going to vet school after being an optometrist” – If working in healthcare for human beings didn’t work out for you, what makes you think dogs and cats will pay you any better? They don’t have checking accounts or credit cards.
  5. “what should I expect after optometry school” – Oh Lordy, I don’t envy you. Let’s see…where do I start? First, get yourself a temp job packing frozen dinners until your license comes in July. If you applied for a government job don’t expect to start work until October. If you want to work a chain store, expect to fill-in at different places for a while until you find an opening in a town you actually want to live in. When you work for another O.D., expect to be paid half what you bring in. Expect to pay a whole bunch of money in business insurance, professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, student loan repayment, business loan repayment, rent, wages, and on and on until you bring home so little bacon, it’s actually just a sprinkle of bacon bits…and they’re actually made out of soy.
  6. “How the FCLCA has decreased costs in contact lenses” – Good question. I know how it’s raised profits for online retailers. Theoretically, the more retailers there are, the more competition there is. More competition breeds price wars. Price wars make retail price go down. Of course, in practice, the first thing Walmart did when they joined 1800Contacts was raise most of their contact lens prices to match 1800’s pricing structure. Anybody have a good answer to this question?
  7. “easiest optometry school” – Again, people keep asking this question. If I were an optometry school, I would set up a honey pot site so that anyone asking this question would probably get referred to the honey pot from a search result. Log all the information you can (IP address, location info, etc) and compare it to their logs of people requesting information from the optometry school website. Then make a “do not interview” list based on the database cross references.
  8. “the best and worst optometrist that you have worked for” – I’m pretty sure no one would really post actual names since you don’t want to get sued for something, but I’d stay clear of any practice that seems to hire an O.D. for a couple years, promising them a buy-in option, but then they renege so the new O.D. leaves.
  9. “how much does it cost to start an optometric practice” – as much as a house.
  10. “doctors melton and thomas” – They’re awesome. As far as I’m concerned, drug reps don’t have to visit me since I’m just gonna do whatever Drs. Melton and Thomas say.
  11. “1800contacts sending contacts without dr verification” – Well, if you don’t respond to their fax and/or phone call, then they have to assume what the patient told them is correct.
  12. “i hate science, but i want to become an optometrist” – If by “science” you mean this whole global cooling- I mean warming- I mean climate change fraud, then I agree. If you mean true science, then I’m not sure I can help you. But I will suggest you do an internet search for the easiest optometry school to get into and maybe you’ll get through it.
  13. “what should you major in if you want to get to optometry school?” – anything you want, but you’ll have to take all the prerequisite classes also. Since most people want to leave undergrad in four or five years, this usually involves having to major in some biological science. I think it would be cool if more optometrists majored in business or marketing and then minored in the biology. But I hate those majors, so that’s why I didn’t go that route. Do what you love.
  14. “optometrist strategies in 2010” – I heard Sam’s club or its doctors are going to try to give $20 exam rebates to patients, but I don’t know the reasoning behind it. No one likes rebates. Instant rebates might fly, but then, why not have your fee be your fee? I didn’t major in marketing so you better not ask me.

This concludes Part 4. Keep searching!


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