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I Told You So about InfantSee

on December 20th, 2009 | Filed under Optoblog

InfantSee: Optometry’s Contribution to Socialism!
InfantSee: The AOA loves BIG GOVERNMENT!
InfantSee: Baby Steps towards Communism!

Earlier I discussed InfantSee here and here.

Now, it turns out the AOA has secured federal tax dollars for InfantSee.

I don’t mind charity, but let me choose the charities to which I desire to give of my property. Giving all my money to the government and letting them redistribute it is the opposite of freedom. I am not going to participate in InfantSee. If I were a member of the AOA, I would demand that Optometry’s Charity™ – The AOA Foundation return all tax dollars to the government.

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