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Dear Vision Plan Websites

on December 1st, 2009 | Filed under Optoblog

So I got my online access to OptumHealth Vision because starting 1.15.2010 I’ve got to get my own authorization codes for exams (or I can pay Walmart to do this for me). I figured I would do it because it should be quick and easy on their website.

And it is. To get the authorization code. But their website tells me NOTHING about their plan, copays, etc. Seriously, folks, what good is your website when I just have to use the phone tree to get the plan ID code anyway! I want the website to avoid the phone tree!

Please, OptumHealth (and all other vision plan companies), add the “feature” of not only including the exam authorization code online, but also give me the patient’s copay or at least give me the patients plan ID code so that I can go look up the copay in the book!



2 Responses to “Dear Vision Plan Websites”

  1. Mike J says:


    What is the date? December of 2010? Or did you mean December of 2009?

  2. oops, instead of 12-15-2010 it should read January 15, 2010. Thanks. I’ll fix it.