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E-Prescribing Not Even a Bag of Chips

on June 4th, 2009 | Filed under Optoblog

So Kevin M.D. reports on how the whole send-the-prescription-electronically-to-the-pharmacy thing is going. Apparently ePrescribing is not all that and, to me, not even a bag of chips.

Here’s what clinches it for me:

Furthermore, despite the marketing hype, ePrescribe “provides absolutely no cost or time savings for pharmacies or pharmacists,” since any errors in typing or if a doctor wants to change anything on the refill will cost the pharmacy another 30 cents…
[Doctor Grumpy]…also reports numerous problems about the amount of time it takes to send a prescription over the internet.

So, the only ones getting rich are the vendors. Imagine that. Thank you government for mandating a completely unnecessary and economically burdensome idea that someday we’ll all have to ePrescribe. Idiots.

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