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Algore speaks with LDS (Mormon leaders)? What? Why?

on April 3rd, 2009 | Filed under Asides, Optoblog

KSL 5 Eyewitness news in SLC, UT reports that Algore visited with Mormon leaders because, “Since [releasing his movie at Sundance Film Festival in 2006], he often takes the opportunity to meet with civic, corporate and religious leaders around the country talking about the dangers of and solutions to climate change.”

Wow, I guess we Mormons should be thrilled that it took him three years to visit our leaders. And what’s laughable is that the only “solution” to “climate change” that The Left can come up with is increased taxes and higher energy costs. Nice.

Mormons as a whole consistently vote conservative. Personally, I can’t believe our leaders even granted him an audience, and further I can’t believe they turned off the lights at Temple Square for Earff Hour! We stand strong against gay marriage in Kalifornia, but then we appease with leaders of a cloaked fascist movement to take away our God-given rights? I think someone has some ‘splaning to do!!

You’ll notice that he met with our PR dept to give his schpeel. I’ll bet the PR department would meet with Lilburn Boggs if they thought it could remotely help with PR.

Algore, go home. We Mormons already know that we humans, made in God’s image, are the stewards over the Earff. No one is out there saying we should pollute rivers, lakes, and streams or cut down every tree in all the forests! God has provided this earth for our use and enjoyment to further His purposes. All this “green” stuff is a diversion to tax us into communism, and God does not approve of communism. The whole reason we are here on Earth is to exercise our free agency and have joy. The Global Warming-err,..Cooling…I-mean-Climate-Change folks seek to destroy both.

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  1. Here is the LDS Church’s official press release of the Algore meeting.