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Obama is Going to Fail

on March 4th, 2009 | Filed under Asides

The mainstream media and the White House are trying to alienate Rush Limbaugh because of his comment, now a meme, “I want Obama to fail.”

Rush is always right. I would have said, “Obama is going to fail, and I want everyone to see that he fails because he is a liberal and so are his policies; therefore, stop voting for democrats!”

But Rush is more succinct and combined those three phrases into one simple sentence.

Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the answer to your problems, government is the problem!” The Obama administration and current liberal controlled Senate and House are speedily trying to turn America into a socialist/communist nation. We hear the Big Media incredulously ask, “So, you want Obama to fail, and you want the economy to collapse?”

Um…Obama will fail, and I want everyone to see that it’s because of his policies that the economy is collapsing. Capitalism and freedom, as set up by the Founding Fathers of our nation, is what drove the U.S.A. to be a super power.

Our nation’s big government/social agenda problems started out because of two things:

  1. Originally, the founding fathers only wanted land owners to vote. They knew government decisions would directly effect people with “skin in the game.” Now every bum on the street can cast their vote for who ever will promise government handouts.
  2. The 17th Amendment. Why do we have our House congressmen voted in by people of each state and the Senators also voted by the people of each state. The founding Fathers meant for the Senators to be elected only by each State’s legislature. This would truly insulate them from public opinion polls.

These two factors in combination have lead to elected officials promising tax dollars, our money, for causes that we wouldn’t support on our own. I would never fund abortions. I would never pay for some other person’s health care- they can pay for their own! I would never pay people not to work. I would never loan money to people who have no hope of repaying it. Yet, here we have it.

And it’s only going to get worse, comrades.

By the way, stop voting for democrats and start electing conservatives who will dismantle big government so that we can keep our money. The more money we have, the more money we can donate to our charities which can provide soup and a cot to homeless people- temporarily. So called “trickle down economics” rewards those who are willing to work harder and smarter. It also works better than Soviet Union economics.



5 Responses to “Obama is Going to Fail”

  1. mike says:

    Wow! No comments yet? Either people stopped reading this blog or they figure you are too right of center to bother.
    As for me………………….I will keep my politics to myself.

    Mike Judkins

  2. I’m blogging about whatever I want now.
    And I am right.

  3. mike says:

    Since when were you not blogging about whatever you want? It is your blog so I always thought that is what you were doing.

    Please note, I did not comment on if I thought you were right or wrong.

    So if you are right, and Rush is right what happend if you two ever disagree? Who is right then?


  4. mike says:

    Even when he is taking all those pain meds he doesn’t have an RX for?