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Golfing with Other ODs

on September 30th, 2008 | Filed under Optoblog

golf course at Sherwood Hills, Wellsville Canyon, UtahEvery year the great folks at Mount Ogden Eye Center throw a shindig for all the optometrists within their market area. They schmooze us with a fancy, delicious lunch at Sherwood Hills Resort and then treat us to a free round of 9-hole golf (with cart).

Of course they learned us stuff during the lunch (something about multi-focal IOLs and Intralase, I recon), but with the golf, they have prizes for the longest drive on one hole and the closest to the pin on the par-3 hole.

And guess who got the prize for the closest to the pin! Yep, me. And I have three witnesses. So I got a prize for free stuff at the club house.

Of course, don’t ask me about my 3-put on that hole, and also don’t ask me about my sixty-something score for nine holes, either.

Anyway, I highly recommend that all the optometrists in northern Utah attend next year.

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