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Dr. Rowley in the News

on June 8th, 2008 | Filed under Optoblog

Brian Rowley was in the class above me in optometry school, and I just saw him at the UOA Meeting. It seems he is in the newspaper as a karmic baseball fan.

He also was interviewed for KSL TV, and they showed it on SportsBeat Sunday which you can view completely here on their SportsBeat iCast. On Saturday they showed this teaser:

I’d say that’s a pretty good practice builder for an up and coming optometrist. At the Park City meeting, he told me that his practice will soon need a new building with more exam lanes. Dr. Rowley had to work commercial optometry for a while before taking over his current thriving practice. So you see, optometry students, it is possible to make a successful solo private practice…if you are willing to roll the dice, take the gamble, spin the wheel, bet the farm, etc.

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