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Link Gate

on May 19th, 2008 | Filed under Optoblog

So when I first announced that I was going to shift the focus of this blog to be pro Wal-Mart and tell people about my experiences in this setting (which I will someday get around to), I was flooded with spiteful comments. The first thing one commenter, “John Smith,” did was to try and dig up dirt on me and report me to the Utah optometric board.

On my VisionHealth EyeCare practice website, he saw that I linked to Wal-Mart.com’s contact lens sales section. He (mistakenly) believes this to be in violation of Utah law and (if he can be believed) filed a complaint to the board.

Let me quote the allegation that “John Smith” made:

In the state of Utah, optometrists are strictly prohibited from marketing or advertising for the mercantile establishment. This includes websites.

Now, I don’t know how they do things in Virginia, Ru-I mean “John Smith,” but here in Utah we have no such rule. I could see such crazy rules coming out of communist states like California or even psychotic-optometry-rule states like Nevada, but not in a freedom-loving, gun-and-God-clinging state.

Another commenter decided to sell us on 1800optometrist, which got me to thinking that hey, I’m providing those links to Wal-Mart.com for free. Why not annoy R-I mean “John Smith” even more and potentially make some cash at the same time by linking to 1800 Contacts!?!

It was simple. I found out about it while reading at 1800’s website, registered, and voila’, I have cool links on my practice website for patients to conveniently order contacts and save money while doing it. If they buy stuff, then 1800’s ad manager sends me a check to say thanks for the referral. While I was browsing 1800contacts, I also registered for ProNet so they will send me referrals when someone’s Rx expires.

Exact same contact lenses for less.
Here’s what the ads look like (and if you are by chance a non-optometrist reading this article, please click on this link the next time you need to reorder contacts):


So, if you are like “John Smith” and think that I am caught in a Link Gate scandal, then here is the website for Utah DOPL’s complaint department. But believe me that I’ve searched all the documents found online with the Utah DOPL, and John Doe’s alleged Utah rule is made up out of the same magical stuff that new grads grab onto if they want to start their own solo private practice: wishful thinking.

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