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Hey, EyeMed! Are You Listening?

on January 8th, 2008 | Filed under Optoblog

I’ve been having a problem with EyeMed vision insurance, so I’m taking it to the blogosphere since their support fails to find a solution.

When patients come in for an exam and contact lens fitting, their information sheet says $x copay for exam and $0 copay for Contact Lens fit and follow-up. All well, and good. I’m assuming that EyeMed will reimburse me $30 for my time and expertise in fitting contacts. Then when we go to eyemed.com and bill it, and it tells us that the patient owes the $30! What?!!

We call customer support, and they say that on his system, it says up to $55 maximum copay on CL fit and follow up, so we must have misread it.

It said $0 copay for CL fit and follow up in black and white on the patient’s insurance card. It said it on the benefits information when we preauthorized the exam online. What is the deal, EyeMed?

Meanwhile, I need to charge more money to the patient, but they’re going to have a cow about how we’re trying to rob them when EyeMed is to blame!

Please, EyeMed, fix your error on the website and send another letter to let your beneficiaries know that they will be paying for their contact lens evaluation.

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