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Republican CCN/YouTube Debate

on December 1st, 2007 | Filed under Asides

You can find the transcript of the last Republican debate at CNN.com. About 3/4 the way down, you will find the gun-related questions. (Just hit Ctrl+F and search “Gun”).

Here is how the transcript would read if I were running for POTUS:

Cooper: Mr. Langford, 90 seconds.

Langford: First of all, I don’t believe 90 seconds could possibly treat this topic fairly, so please see my campaign website where I have several essays, videos, and podcasts regarding the important subject of the second amendment.

Second, the term “gun control” is liberal terminology that doesn’t belong in the conservative republican vocabulary. Firearms Freedom is a more accurate description of what we’re talking about.


Third, gun registration by the government is the first step towards gun confiscation by the government, so unlike some of the other candidates, I will not tell you exactly how many firearms I own. I don’t want the government tearing down my door and stealing my guns like they did in New Orleans.

(Wild applause)

Cooper: Okay. Okay. Let’s quiet down.

(Swelling wild applause)

Alright, we’d better go to commercial break.


2 Responses to “Republican CCN/YouTube Debate”

  1. Adam Brooks says:

    i think that gun control should always be imposed at all times to reduce violence.

  2. Adam, either you are being very sarcastic or you are the most idiotic commenter on this blog.