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on October 18th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

MedGadget reports that optical coherence tomography helps diagnose and manage multiple sclerosis, and they display an HRT2-3 picture.
So my HRT2 may still have legs! Now I’ll get the referrals from the neurologist (to use my HRT2) instead of the other way around!
I’m sure they’ll charge extra for the stats package that helps manage MS. But listen to this:

In addition, says Calabresi, OCT scans take roughly one-tenth as long and cost one-tenth as much as the MRI, which means they are faster and cheaper to use in studies that track the effectiveness of new treatments for MS.

They must have really cheap MRI’s where he comes from. The average price in my neck of the woods for optic nerve imaging with Stratus OCT, HRT2-3, or GDx is ~$80-90 for both eyes. Do you know of any place that just charges $800-900 for an MRI? I believe it’s more like $1200. Also, you’d have to additionally pay a Radiologist to give an interpretation and report, but the optic nerve imaging fee includes the report.

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