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The Controversy of the MPS-Contact Lens Staining Grid

on September 22nd, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

Dr. Epstein elucidates the ramifications of the staining grid in the latest Optometric Physician e-journal.

I think the real reason there is any controversy is because Renu, which has a huge market share thanks to lower cost, has so much to loose. Of course Alcon/Optifree and Ciba/ClearCare are jumping all over it since it makes them look good. I guarantee Renu would embrace the Staining Grid studies if it would have shown favorable results.

We saw the same thing when Renu Moisture-Loc was recalled. Optifree and Complete sent e-mails out to optometrists gloating that their products were safe. Then we saw Complete get recalled.

There are even studies trying to show that the Staining Grid study design is flawed; however, noticeably absent from inclusion in the study is Renu. All I have to say is, make a better product and you’ll get better results. If Bausch & Lomb is so concerned that Renu doesn’t do so well with most contacts in the Staining Grid tests, then maybe they should re-tool and make a better solution. Don’t try to tell me that, awe shucks, corneal staining really doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, Biofinity, Acuvue2, and Acuvue Oasys are also capitalizing on the staining grid by sending to my office pamphlets and copies of studies saying (in effect), “Look at us. It doesn’t matter what MPS your patients use if you fit them in our lens.”

I’ve actually posted on my practice website a little ditty about the staining grid.


2 Responses to “The Controversy of the MPS-Contact Lens Staining Grid”

  1. dr w,f,j, leurs says:

    sel optifree or h2o2 producs and your problems are away :mrgreen:

  2. I recommend the FireFox browser. It checks your spelling as you type in a form field.

    In the U.S., most eye doctors that I know don’t sell lens care solutions. I’ve heard of one company, Sauflon, that tries to place their products in eye doctors offices, but they try to make the patient buy a subscription, if you will.