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Practice Consultants are Like Broken Records

on March 18th, 2007 | Filed under Comics

Pay for Advice by Raising Your Fees

Does anyone care to debate about this? Every time a read something by practice consultants, they invariably sneak a “raise your fees” quote in there somewhere.

I feel the cost of healthcare delivery is so high because of insurance companies. Insurance companies drive providers to set their fees higher than they would normally be because the insurance companies reimburse less than what the fees would normally be- plus they make us wait to get the money IF they decide they’ll pay at all.

Can’t we just cut out the middle man, a.k.a. the insurance companies? Then we can decrease the fee inflation so everyone can save.

And why is there vision insurance in the first place? That’s like getting haircut insurance or oil change insurance. The only ones getting rich are the insurance companies at the expense of both patients and doctors.


2 Responses to “Practice Consultants are Like Broken Records”

  1. rc says:

    how can you call yourself a conservative republican and yet complain about an almost perfect example of capitalism’s predatory and orchestrated manipulation of the “free market”, i.e., insurance companies. guess what. the CEOs of the insurance companies are all conservative republicans too. just because they’re making all the $$$ instead of you is really not their problem. the CEOs don’t really care that people still need health care. another ridiculous paradox of american “healthcare”

  2. The only one manipulating the “free market” is government ,which is why we have to put quotes around “free market.”
    The myth that big wig execs are republican may have been more believable in the 1980s.
    I am not against medical insurance, but vision insurance is completely useless, and once people are educated about the actual cost/benefit of vision insurance, I’m positive people will stop buying it and just pay their doctor directly.
    The only reason employers pay for vision plans are to help give employees a tax-free type of income. Employers should instead just pay their people more, but then the tax collectors would snatch it. But it looks like in the near future either way we’re going to get spanked because Barack Husein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm)’s healthcare takeover will soon put an end to the tax deduction of paying for insurance premiums.