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VSP has a Blog

on February 26th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

Rob Lynch, President and CEO of VSP, started a blog the other day. (Hat tip to Contact Lens Today e-mail newsletter: how come you don’t make an RSS feed?)

But Mr. Lynch does have a site feed, and He states,

I’m excited to launch our VSP blog and have even more direct two-way conversations with our members, clients, doctors…

I hope he’s prepared for the backlash that’s about to hit him. I mean, has he even read the stuff at ODwire.com? Seriously, I’ve heard people say his company is responsible for the mess that the profession of optometry is in today.

I say that VSP is probably a positive force in private practice optometry. They effectively ensure that their beneficiaries can’t go to the big box optical (although there is an out-of-network reimbursement loophole). I like how their beneficiaries do a search for their nearest VSP network doctor by entering their zip code on the VSP website. I also think they reimburse for exams a lot better than most vision plans, and that’s why I like VSP.

The second they lower my reimbursement is the second they get on my poop list, though.

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