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Web-based EHR and PMS

on February 12th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

I just found out about EyeCodeRight, a web-based practice management software and electronic health record solution. This looks cool for many reasons, but I’m most excited about the optometrist’s hardware savings. If all you need is a web browser, then think how much you could save!

I currently have officemate, but I had to buy a $2500 server with Windows 2003 server, and I bought Dell computers with Windows XP. If I would have gone with ECR4.0, then I wouldn’t have had to buy an expensive server, and I could assemble my own inexpensive desktops with a free Linux OS and use FireFox web browser to use the eyecoderight service. Nice.

I didn’t see anything about equipment integration, but I notice you can upload photos and stuff, so that might be sufficient for most people.

I also read in their online brochure how patients can enter their demographic info online! Integration with your practice website is pretty sweet.

If anyone is using this, how do you like it vs. other PMS/EHRs that you have used?

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  1. Fair warning: I work for MedicLINK Systems, developer of Eyesistant.

    Eyesistant(http://www.eyesistant.com/) is another EMR/PMS for opticians and optometrists. It runs on a MySQL database, and does not require a dedicated server, a PC is all that’s needed. Also- our pricing is based on a location, so you are free to install Eyesistant on as many computers as you’d like at one location.