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More Optometrist Bloggers

on February 12th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

I originally wrote my lamentation on how few optometrist bloggers are out there are back in November 2006. I’ve since been made aware that there are a few more that I didn’t know about.
For example, there is a community of bloggers at eyecoderight.com. (You can subscribe to all of them with this feed.)

There is also Dr. Richard Hom’s blog.

I also heard about the Optcom list. Monty Vickers says,

Are you on the Optcom list? No. I prefer my whine with cheese.

In fairness, it seems all optometrist web boards turn into griping sessions about the profession. Again, my big beef with web boards is that they are not completely open for everyone to read. They are great if you need a specific question answered, but I would rather read commentary from blogs.

See my Bloglines feed subscriptions under the section of “Optometrist Feeds” for more optometry-related sites that I track.

Now, how many eye-related podcasts are out there? I’m talking about ones directed toward other optometrists/ophthalmologists, not patients.

Any others that you listen to? (Leave a comment for everyone to see.)

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  1. Hi David,
    I have come across your blog page and I wanted to applaud you for your effort on optoblog. I also appreciate your willingness to share our URL for the EyeCodeRight blog. We have taken a temporary hiatus as we are launching our new EyeCodeRight Online software, called Revolution, at AOA’s Optometry’s Meeting in Boston in June. I found that our optometric podcase was not very well listened to, but if we hear that doctors would like them to resume, we will do them again soon. If anyone wants to send me a note, use sjens@eyecoderight.com.
    Scott Jens, O.D.
    Middleton, WI