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Another OfficeMate Gripe

on January 11th, 2007 | Filed under Optoblog

As if it weren’t enough that I had to buy a piece of software for $6000, I have to pay a yearly maintenance fee or else the software becomes disabled. Last year I remember them telling me it was going to be around $1000. I got my first notice that I have to pay this fee, and guess what. It went up. To $1400.

I think it’s hilarious that in their “Dear Loyal OfficeMate Client” letter (I’m only loyal because the program locks and holds my records hostage if I don’t pay) they say that the “invoice reflects a slight increase over last year’s fee.”

SLIGHT! So they’re laughing all the way to the bank while I’m already at the bank…on my hands and knees…asking for a bigger line of credit.


2 Responses to “Another OfficeMate Gripe”

  1. Dan Lee says:

    Have you considered ODLink? It’s Filemaker Pro based EMR that I just started using. Craig Cutler is the author and the fees are very reasonable (fraction of Officemate, which I’ve considered, but decided again for the very same reason you listed)

  2. “…the fees are very resonable…”

    If you go to the ODLink website, their REQUIRED maintenance fees are $150-200 per month ($1800-2400 per year).

    Sure, the initial cost is cheap, but the maintenance fees get you.

    What ever happened to software that continues to run even though you don’t have a subscription?