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Dear Crizal Marketing

on December 19th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

If I’m going to send a ton of Crizal Alize with Clear Guard in my office, I would like people beating down the doors to get it.  We’ve got to create national devotion to the brand, and then it would be easier for me to sell.  When we bring up coatings, people start to distrust us like used car salesman.  They don’t seem to know that coatings MAKE the lens valuable.  We need to create devotion beyond reason to Crizal.  Religious, fanatical devotion.

Would it be possible for you to integrate a logo on the lens that people could see, at least up close.  I’m not talking about the tiny marks on a PAL.  I’m talking about it being analogous to how frames have a big ol’ D&G or a Swoosh on the temple.  Why can’t the lenses have a distinguished brand somehow etched in there.  Lenses have probably been analogous to diamonds (and a frame to the ring mount) in the past, so maybe since diamonds are best when clear, we wanted our lenses to be free from things like a logo or branding.

But considering that lenses are the majority expense in a pair of most of the glasses I sell, it would be nice to have the customer be able to show it off.  “Look at my glasses, they have the Crizal logo on there.  I only buy the best.”  With technology, there has to be a way to make lenses with Crizal identifiable to anyone.  I don’t care if it’s a distinctive shape, a big ol’ laser mark, or just gluing a little plaque on there, I want it readily identifiable.

And I’m not talking about the breathe on it and, ooh, it says Crizal.  I want something that screams Crizal at all times.

Also, I’ve seen the faint green AR reflection on all eye glasses in almost every movie and T.V. show that I’ve seen since 1999.  Is there anyway you could let people know that that’s you?  That’s Crizal!

Could you make fun of people walking around in uncoated lenses and show everyone around them being distracted by the glare and inability to see the person’s eyes?

Just a suggestion,
David Langford, O.D.

P.S. If anyone else is reading this, I firmly believe Crizal Alize’ with Clear Guard is the best lens treatment on the market.  Just about everyone should have it.  The problem is not enough people know of it’s value; hence, they just think I’m trying to sell them something when I recommend it.

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