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Corneal Topography Status Post Gonioscopy

on October 9th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

I think we all knew that it’s a bad idea to do keratometry and corneal topography after performing gonioscopy, at least if you want accurate, reliable readings. But what if you just did gonio and you now need good K readings? Now what?

A recent study took a look at how long it takes before you can reliably get a consistant K measurement after having done gonio. They found that the autokeratometer doesn’t care if the patient has had gonio or not. The Sim-K from the topographer would like you to wait 20 minutes.

I wish I had thought of this study. I could have gotten my FAAO for this. Pretty sweet and easy. The only thing I would have done different would be to add a control group that didn’t get any gonio, but still repeated AutoK and Topo just to see how much variability exists between measurements.

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