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What’s the Deal with E-mail and OOGP?

on June 13th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

E-mail is a relatively simple Web 0.5 application that almost anyone can use. So what is the deal with people still not learning what BCC means? I just got an E-mail announcing OOGP’s new and improved website (and believe me, they needed the improvement).

Well, good job for updating your site, OOGP, but how come a 4.333 page list of e-mails were sent using “TO:” instead of “BCC:”? What’s the deal? If I were an ophthalmic vender, I would give Dave Langford a call to get a copy of that 4.333 page list. Maybe offer him some cash since that list would have to be full of active e-mail accounts for real eye doctors using OOGP.

Yup, give me a call, Venders. I’m waiting. I’ve also got school and business loans to pay off.

Now, you might say, “Well, spam filters frequently trash e-mails with BCC.” To which, I would say make an RSS feed on a blog/announcement page and ask your members to subscribe. That way everyone who wants it gets the content and announcements.

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