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Eye Patch Puppets DVD

on June 3rd, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

An alert blogger spotted a DVD on the market that helps kids be excited about wearing an eye patch. Check out the doctor puppet. Doctor sure looks kind of scary, but other than that, this DVD by Bjort & Company could be a good idea.


4 Responses to “Eye Patch Puppets DVD”

  1. Kelly H. says:

    Hi David,

    I just read your blog about my DVD and I thought the Doctor was kind of cute! LOL! I wanted to make a DVD that kids would laugh at and want to wear their eye patches. I have received hundreds of e-mails from parents thanking me for this DVD. Sorry if you thought it was scary.

    Kelly H.

  2. Are you kidding? He or She has a green face, grandma hair, abnormally thin arms for its body shape, and glasses waaaaaay to big for its pd. I’m telling you, the doctor is a freakish ghoul!

    Of course, everyone should realize I’m speaking with my glossal body juxtaposed to my lateral oral mucosa. I mean, shouldn’t all optometrists on TV be portrayed by Tom Selleck or Emma Thompson (or puppets that look exactly like them)?

    Let’s not forget the fact that it’s still a great concept for a DVD. While I haven’t personally seen it, I have looked at the pictures of the puppets on the website. 😉

  3. Kelly H. says:

    Haven’t you ever watched Sesame Street? Those are some of the freakiest looking puppets around. Kermit is green, Elmo is red, Snufulupugos is a big brown elephant looking thing, animal is a little crazy puppet chained to his drumset that screams when you call his name. Then there is the Manumam guy who is my absolute favorite. Grover actually has the same arms as Dr. Puppet. None of those puppet’s bodies match their heads. After raising two kids and watching enough Sesame Street to know puppets I thought that the weirder they were the better. Actually the kids love the puppets on it. I have received alot of e-mails from parents telling me how much the kids love it. There is also a burp scene that is priceless. If you want I will send you a copy to watch just so you understand why I made them that way. Let me know.

    Kelly H.

  4. Kelly H. says:

    Oh….and lets not forget the two-headed purple monster on Sesame Street. LOL!