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Interesting Healthcare Podcast by a D.O.

on April 10th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

There are great 2.5 minute healthcare podcasts done by D.O.s at the Ohio University. Actually, the program is called Family Health and is broadcast on radio stations. Overall, I rate the D.O.s involved very favorably towards optometry. They had two different podcasts devoted to “which type of eyecare provider should you choose.” While I felt like they emphasized a little to much that “optometrists are not physicians” it was still pretty good. Even though we go by the name optometric physicians, maybe he meant not a whole body physician?

The bone I would pick is the episode about sports-related eye injuries. I’ve seen several cases, and the majority I was able to handle without referral to a surgeon. Your healthcare dollar would be better spent seeing a private practice optometrist for your sports-related eye injury evaluation. Most should offer 24-hour emergency eyecare. If there were a big problem like retinal detatchment needing referral to a retinal surgeon, you would still pay less for the optometric physician visit than going to the ER. I personally wouldn’t go to your family physician right off the bat (assuming you only have an eye injury and not some multiple system problems) because most don’t have dilating eyedrops, eye pressure testers, biomicroscopes to check for inflamation in the eye, and special lenses for seeing every part of the retina to rule out detatchment.

But really a great site. Great information in little 2.5 minute snippits. You can browse their archives yourself, or I compiled a quick list of eye-related podcasts that I picked up as I quickly scanned their archives:

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  1. […] I’ve mentioned the Family Health Radio podcasts before. They had another eye-related podcast the other day about computer vision issues. […]

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