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Fooling Around with LASIK

on April 5th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

April fools has REALLY jumped the shark when people start claiming they have an in home, do-it-yourself solution for LASIK.
The domain is registered by proxy, so we don’t know who is perpetrating this fraud. I seriously hope the general populous doesn’t believe it. The comical cartoon of someone performing LASIK on themselves really gives this away as some sort of joke. I also like the “No-Blink” eye drops so that you won’t blink while lasing yourself.
I’m pretty sure this has to be an ophthalmology resident with too much time on their hands and wanting to make a couple bucks from google adsense advertizing. Trying to order the “kit” only causes an error message, so at least they aren’t trying to hoodwink anyone out of $100.
Also, even if it were for real, wouldn’t the home user be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license?

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