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Another Cool Thing About Officemate Eyecare Software

on February 26th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog, Reviews

For those of you consider PM and EMR in your ECP practice, I’d give Officemate a look. I am. A cool feature about their support service is that they not only have an online knowledge base, the knowledge base comes with an RSS feed! Very cool. Officemate must be one of those progressive companies.
I noticed they recently redesigned their website. At first they didn’t have up any barcode scanner partnerships, but now I see they have it back, including one that is bluetooth wireless, so you can walk around the room scanning stuff.
I don’t know why they partner with a tablet PC company if in their hardware specs they state that wireless computing is not recommended. I plan on implementing some of my computeres as wireless, so I’ll let you know how that goes.
Yes, right now I am planning on buying officemate. It’s been a long road of research, but for the money, I get the most features with officemate. I just hope the add-ins like barcode scanners and the box for integrating pretesting equipment doesn’t throw the savings out the window.


3 Responses to “Another Cool Thing About Officemate Eyecare Software”

  1. Stuart Machida says:

    Now that it has been a year, how does Officemate hold up? I’m considering getting this product or using my own I wrote in Filemaker Pro. After looking at their website and a seminar at the Hawaii OOGP meeting, Officemate looks pretty slick. I’m concerned about the price; especially all the add ons. For every pretest or special test equipment, you have to purchase some extra software. I don’t even know if there is a yearly fee with third party vendors (eg does Humphrey add a surcharge or upgrades to linking their perimeter with Officemate?).

    If you want a VSP authorization through Officemate, you have to pay a surcharge.


  2. john cooper says:

    Do you have any idea how to print a patient list with chart numbers? It doesn’t seem to be straight forward.


  3. I guess the OfficeMate knowledge base got around to answering your question before I did.