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Anyone Still do Retinoscopy?

on February 15th, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog, Reviews

Actually, I love retinoscopy. I find that for me it is more accurate on kids than the autoRx. Anyway, an alert Optiboarder happened upon this [broken link- does anyone know where it is now?retinoscopy simulator. Since it’s in Spanish, allow me to translate.

The green circle on the left side is a spherical plus lens, the left red circles are minus lenses. To actually put the lens in front of the eye, you must click on the circle you want. The middle number is the retinoscope’s light orientation in degrees. The red and green circles on the right are minus and plus cyl respectively. Obviously, those of us belonging to the primary eye care profession won’t have need for the plus cylinder. Adjust the minus cylinder axis in front of the eye by clicking on the red circle to put it in play, the click on the little 3-circle-icon below it until it orients to where you want it.

The dice are to generate random patients. If you want to test yourself, then close both of the eyes by clicking on them.
If you want to generate an Rx yourself to see what it looks like, then you can adjust the controls by first clicking on the type you want, Myopia, Hyperopia, SMA, CMA, SHA, CHA, and mixed (in that order) then press the up and down buttons next to sphere, cylinder, and axis (in that order). The astigmatism value is limited to a maximum of 6D. I’ve personally seen patients with 7.50, but I suppose they are simulating a phoropter without the accessory lenses.

In the lower right corner is the working distance adjustment. If you normally use the R +1.50 lens in the phoropter, then leave the “Compensacion por distancia de trabajo” at zero. But if I wanted to simulate skiascopy racks, then I’d put my working distance at 1.50, and then I would only use the spherical lenses on the left.

Anyway, I thought this might be useful for optometry students to hear about. It also looks cool.


2 Responses to “Anyone Still do Retinoscopy?”

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