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What!? The Government Shouldn’t Pay for Ready-to-Learn Eyecare?

on February 2nd, 2006 | Filed under Optoblog

North Carolina democrats in the state legislature want to “repeal a requirement that kindergartners get a comprehensive eye exam.”
What the…? Shouldn’t the government pay for everything? We’re already paying for their breakfast and lunch. Why not an eye exam?

“I am surprised that (the senators) don’t want to do everything possible to detect early problems so those problems do not interfere with a child’s ability to learn for years,” Black said.

What about the parents? Are you going to tell me they shouldn’t want to do everything possible? You know, like maybe budget for an eye exam?

I’m just surprised this is a democrat motion. Where are the conservatives?

Of course you know what this means. The dems took a lesson from Jimbo Carter and the AOA. It’s the eye doctors who should pay for children’s eye exams, so why should the government?:roll:

Whoops. This article explains that the law states the kids have to go get an eye exam on their own– it won’t be paid for by the state government; however, it has to be done before the kids get in school. They also site pediatricians and ophthalmologists that claim complete exams aren’t necessary because vision screenings are adequate.
I’m glad tax dollars aren’t used to pay for exams. I’m also glad that someone is trying to tear down unneeded government regulations.
I’m not impressed by the MD’s who say vision screenings are adequate. If that were true, wouldn’t we have an end to refractive amblyopia and other conditions that can be minimalized by early detection? Parents should take some responsibility and get their kid an eye exam per AOA recommendations. I feel that vision screenings give parents a false sense of security. Sure, not paying for something is convenient, but what about the parent whose kid got a false negative, could have obtained a complete exam, but didn’t bother since the kid supposedly passed the screening?

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