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I love Lensco!

on December 10th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

My father used Lensco for his contact lens lab, and now I use them as well. I love how they reduced their price on Ciba N&D. I also love that they offer a new service at www.directcontactlenses.com where patients order contact lens refills online or via telephone.

What are the benefits to using DCL?
Convenience for both you and your patients.
Incremental profits from potentially lost business.
Patient recall with our email notifications.
Patient Toll Free ordering.
Unique to DCL is a pre-paid return label with every shipment.

I’ve heard of other companies offering something similar, but it seemed like they took too big a cut. This service is simple and only costs $240 per year. I’m signing up because I think this would save tons of time for not only the patient but also staff. Check it out (lensco.com doctor registration required to see FAQ).

(I have no contact with Lensco other than ordering contact lenses via internet. I just think this service is cool and think all labs should offer this.)

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