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Arrived Safely in Beaverton

on October 12th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

I have a bad habit of not staying in the actual convention approved hotel. This year, it’s not my fault because they were already booked up.
Last year I tried staying in the La Quinta Inn nearest the Portland Convention Center. We stayed there only one night because the room we got had the worst moldy-musty smell ever. We then went over to the GWCO approved Double Tree Lloyd Center and stayed the rest of the time. The only room they had was a tiny closet with a queen bed in it. My wife, two small kids, and I didn’t have enough room.
This year, I wanted to stay in a nice, big, clean smelling room with free high speed internet access. I found it in the Phoenix Inn Beaverton. They offer free wireless high speed access, and since I didn’t have a wireless card for my old laptop, they loaned me one for free. Just one hang up. I have an old Windows 98 machine which didn’t have drivers for a wireless PC card. I just went down to the 24 hour business center, plugged into the wall, downloaded the drivers from the internet, and voila, here I am making this post.
I knew I would be far away from the convention center. I was banking on using the MAX, and I was hoping the hotel shuttle would take me to the Sunset transit center, but the hotel shuttle only operates from 9-5 and only within a 5 mile radius. The good news is that the bus stop is very close, and total travel time to the convention is 1 hour. Not bad.
More tomorrow.

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