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Getting Ready for GWCO 2005

on October 11th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Tonight we’re packing, and tomorrow we’re heading for PDX! I love Portland. Very nice place. I lived in Forest Grove while going to school, but most of my social life was spent visiting friends in Hillsboro, Aloha, and Beaverton. We’d go to Portland all the time.
I’ve got a hotel that includes free high speed internet so that I can update this site nightly. Like I mentioned before, I’m going to blog GWCO. I hope to find lots of interesting things to report about from the CE and the exhibitors.
I know they always have stuff going on the evening of Wednesday, but I never go to that. They also have two classes in the morning on Sunday, but I don’t stay for those either. I’ll just be up for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (10/13/05 to 10/15/05).
I’m going to tag all of the pictures I take with GWCO2005. I hope everyone else will do the same. I’ll have them posted with my account on Flickr. The most interesting ones I’ll also post here at optoblog.com.
In addition to posting pictures, I hope to find some interesting people who will agree to an interview. When I get some together, I’ll post a podcast on it. Off the top of my head, I want to ask about the latest in contact lenses, practice management and medical records software, and controversies in LASIK. Any topics you’d like to see covered?
If any of you will be taking pictures at GWCO, don’t forget to tag them with: GWCO2005

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