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Anyone Else Going to GWCO?

on October 6th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

I haven’t been posting recently because we’re moving. I’m leaving Indian Health Service and starting a private practice in Utah, so I’ve been busy finalizing my business plan, pro forma, etc. and getting ready for moving all our stuff.
Next week is the annual Great Western Council of Optometry meeting (GWCO) in Portland, OR. I went last year and enjoyed it. Actually, this year I was really looking forward to the AAOpt meeting in San Diego, but I can’t due to schedule conflicts. The GCWO meeting is a good choice, though, plus I get to visit all our friends in Portland. My favorite meetings also include the Northern Rockies Optometric Conference in Jackson Hole, WY.
Anyway, I’m going to GWCO and I’m gonna blog it. They do that all the time in techie circles, but to my knowledge it’s not done very much in eye care practicioner circles. Probably because blogging hasn’t caught on much with doctors yet. But it will.
Look for me wearing an optoblog.com t-shirt underneath my hawaiian shirt.


2 Responses to “Anyone Else Going to GWCO?”

  1. I’m bummed that we’re going to miss you when you’re in Portland, Dave. But I’ll be reading the blog!

    BTW, where did you have your t-shirts made? I’ve been thinking about doing some for TSF, Portland Podcasting, Blogging Academy, etc.

  2. David Langford says:

    I’m a little cheap. I got those iron-ons that print out on an ink jet printer.