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Three USPHS Optometrists being Deployed to Katrina

on September 2nd, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Three U.S. Public Health Service optometrists are being deployed to aid in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Two from IHS, and one from the FDA. I’m not sure what role the FDA optometrist will be performing, but I have heard that the IHS optometrist from Montana will actually perform eye doctor duties, while the other from Oklahoma has been deployed as an “administrative officer.”

Good luck, Captains and Lt Commander! We’ve been told they will be reporting to secure areas, but we’ll still pray for their safety, and we’ll look forward to possibly having a report published at www.optometry.ihs.gov when they return?

Speaking of return, in the past deployments, a USPHS officer would only be sent for 2 weeks. Seeing how the recovery may be protracted, I wonder if they won’t have to stay a week or two longer than usual. Anyone heard?

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