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Humor Columnist getting Lased

on September 2nd, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Here is what your patients are reading. I can imagine what some future patient is going to ask me.

“Sheesh, doc. Even the local humor columnist got the laser eye surgery. How come you don’t get it?”

“Well,” I say. “I’m not a good candidate because my expectations are too high.” [I expect a good excellent result 100% of the time. There shouldn’t be corneal ectasia in a low risk patient for some undetermined reason. I expect to have great vision for the rest of my life without jeopardizing it with risky cosmetic surgery.]

Too bad this columnist never had the chance to wear the new silicone hyrogels when he was young. So, how come you, doctor, haven’t already got “some new eyeballs?”

*edit* You can follow up with humor columnist Robert Kirby. Apparently it has gone okay so far. It’s lucky to be in part of the 99% group.

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