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Cool Stuff on MaximEyes

on September 2nd, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog, Reviews

I just took a MaximEyes online demo today. They sent me a demo CD last week, and I was interested, and so I agreed to have the online presentation. They have some nice functionality.

VSP calculator. I once worked as an optician for exactly one month in Hillsboro, OR. Everyone in Hillsboro has VSP because everyone works for Intel. When ever someone asked me how much their glasses are going to cost them, I had no idea. VSP has an infinite amount of plans and coverages. Once they decided what frames and lens options, then we’d get out the tables and eventually be able to tell them. Well, what happens if they decide that, I’d rather change this option, how much is that? Well, here we go again. With MaximEyes, it’s easy. Just click on the options, press a button and there you have it. What to price a different lens option? No problem! I’d be happy to. Click. Click. There you are.

Electronic interface with EyeFinity for VSP authorizations. Very nice. No waiting on the phone going through some phone tree.

EMR has a very slick feature. Let’s say you see some lattice in the peripheral retina. You diagram it with their drawing tool. It has a little picture that represents lattice that you can drag onto the fundus drawing. Once you drag that on there, it automatically adds the ICD-9 code to your superbill. Sweet! And guess what, completely customizable. I can create my own little picture and assign it an ICD-9 code! Wow.

They also allow you to completely customize the layout of your exam view. Don’t like where the keratometry box is? Move it anywhere you want. Want to keep track of some data point that isn’t already on Maximeyes, there is a way to go create it. Think of the possibilities for research! Pretend you went back in time and no software out there kept track of central corneal thickness, but you wanted it. MaximEyes allows you to create new fields to keep track of in your database.

Your printed reports are completely customizable. Very nice.

They also have a service that if you pay ~$500/year, your patients can go to your website and enter in all their history/welcome form. The data automatically gets populated in your database. What a huge time saver!

Basically MaximEyes addresses most all of my requirements, except price. Call them for a quote, but it’s in the 10-18K range depending on how many work stations you require. Also it costs 2600 per year for support and updates. Ouch.

The consultants will tell you that software is like buying another piece of equipment; however, there is a large discrepancy in price between the low, mid, and high end software solutions. I hate to buy the most expensive, if something half as much will only inconvenience me a little. I will say that if I was planning on having most my business with VSP patients, I would go MaximEyes for sure.


4 Responses to “Cool Stuff on MaximEyes”

  1. Bethany says:

    Add in extra $$$ for additional modules– EMR’s, FramesData link for inventory, even the VSP module is extra… and more for more workstations. Then there’s additional support on all of the modules. There will be a charge per authorization & per claim submitted through the Eyefinity link. All those customizations they can do? Cool, yes. Free, no. After version 6.0 they are supposedly switching away from the Filemaker system… which means new software, more $$$. We have our website through them– have yet to see the welcome form link thing work for us… and CL’s through Paradeyes which they’re also hooked up with are way too expensive.

    Maximeyes is MUCH better now than it was when we bought it 4+ years ago. Support has come a LONG way– from horrendous to quite excellent. Their training was good. We’ve been as happy with MaximEyes as anyone else is where their practice management system… but we didn’t feel we got a realistic picture during our initial consult with them.

  2. Nitin Rai says:

    First of all thanks for all the good words about MaximEyes. We greatly appreciate it. Bethany I want to clarify a couple of things. Welcome form can be activated through the admin setup in optometry.net. If you dont know how to do it, please contact support. Wrto CL purchasing through paradEyes, we no longer support that feature (in 3 years now).

  3. Maximeyes Software User says:

    I have been told by Maximeyes that I would be able to upgrade our software system to a new version that they have out now. I believe this is version 6.0. However, in spite of my hopes to have been upgraded this year to version 6.0, during which time I have kept my yearly annual fees current (to the tune of over 2400 dollars a year), they are now telling me that I cannot upgrade to this new version until next year. This has come as a great disappointment since we have been told since 2004 that the upgrade is almost ready and they never delivered on the promise. I can honestly say that myself and a few of my acquaintences who are using Maximeyes are seriously looking at other software packages that may fit our needs. As a side note, I know of two practices that did get to upgrade this year to version 6.0 and they said that it sometimes took weeks to get a reply from their techs who handle the upgrades. Hardly a good indication of what I could expect next year when, or IF, they ever re-release version 6.0.

  4. Tory Moore says:

    We have had nothing but trouble with First Insight and Maximeyes the two years we’ve had it. What a mistake I made. $30,000 down the tubes in my book. I personally believe they have their heads up their a[****]. I can’t seem to get anyone to help that can fix it and they won’t give me Nitin Rai’s number or email so Nitin, when you see this post, maybe I can get a response and have somebody that cares call me and get this system working properly. Yes, I’m extremely pissed off and everyone is going to hear about it!