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Practice Names Never Used

on August 25th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Have you heard the Book Never Written jokes? Like, Under the Grandstands, by I.C. Butts.
Well, I was thinking of eye doctor practice trade names never written:

  • The Evil Eye Center
    Dr. Lucy Fuhr
  • Ojo Loco
    Dr. Nicolas Riviera
  • Center for Blindness
    Dr. Woopy A. Daisy
  • Spit in your Eye
    Dr. Toba Koe
  • Lazy Eye Clinic
    Dr. Couch
  • Potato Eye Clinic
    Drs. Ida Ho and “Spud” French
  • Crossed Eye Center
    Dr. Strawberry Mousse
  • Pink Eye World
    Dr. Moe Pink

Any others?

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