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HIPAA is a sham?

on June 7th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

All of us optometric physicians are concerned about how HIPAA effects our practice- or specifically making sure we don’t get in trouble. Bruce Schneier, a security expert, has an interesting read on the latest HIPAA news. Apparently HIPAA’s enforcement may be weak.
I think most of us agree that HIPAA is just a big government bureaucracy that is unnecessary since we doctors have always protected patient privacy- it’s in our code of ethics. The big thing, now, is that we can’t ever slip-not even once, for fear of Big Brother repercussions. We can’t even let our employees slip. The common example is of an office assistant who tells a mother that he’s sorry to hear that her child is HIV+. The mother had not been told, so it becomes a big issue. The doctor, not the employee, suffers the legal/financial backlash.
Anyway, since HIPAA is apparently weak, can we expect it to be repealed and then reimbursed for the hassle it caused us in complying?

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One Response to “HIPAA is a sham?”

  1. David says:

    Here’s another article about HIPAA: http://kslradio.com/index.php?sid=211703&nid=19
    So, the federal government has now made it harder for people to send flowers to their friends in the hospital. Congratulations, Big Brother.