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Optometrists Should Blog

on April 18th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

Here are some links about blogs and how to use them in a business environment. I envision an eye clinic practice blog where most of the staff as well as the doctors write entries. Tips/info on insurance, choosing glasses, surgery questions. . .the sky (and HIPAA) is the limit. Of course you cannot practice medicine online, but you can share information in general terms like they do at emedicine.com and if someone asks a specific question about them self, we would reply in general terms and list several possibilities and qualify it by “see us in an exam.”

www.cluetrain.com about why businesses should have things like blogs and forums with real employees talking with the clients (patients). It’s all about accessibility and sharing of information.
The Red Couch talks about great story of a Saville Row taylor who increases his customer base by blogging.
The Red Couch gives good info on a marketing plan for a blog.
Optometric Management writes about practice newsletters. I think of a blog as a real time practice newsletter. Also, see the author’s practice website for a good example of a practice web site.

By the way, The Red Couch is a blog about two authors writing a book about businesses and blogging.

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