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Eye Doctor Banned

on April 15th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

The Arizona Republic reports that an ophthalmologist with a long track record of legal/board problems has been slapped on the wrist by banning him from the operating room. (By the way, this was brought to my attention by an RSS feed.)
If an optometrist failed to refer for eye cancer and then misdiagnose a retinal detatchment, what would they do? Optometry and Ophthalmology are run by different boards, but seriously, are you going to tell the optometrist that he can only Rx glasses and not do any eye health exams? (a.k.a. Banish the doctor to behind the back curtain of a creapy optical.)
I don’t think so. They’d take away the O.D.’s license faster than you can say, “Everything looks fine. See me back in a year.”
And what’s the deal with banning him from RK surgery in 1999? Shouldn’t that have been banned for everyone since 1994?

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